Our mission is to help children in Tanzania out of poverty by providing free quality education.
The School System In Tanzania
Tanzania's school system is catered towards the wealthy. Less than 30% of students achieve secondary education, and the language barrier between primary and secondary education is much of the issue. The language of education for primary school is Kiswahili while the language of secondary school is English. Many children have no prior experience with English, and there is typically no extra or private help available.

Around 60% of all teachers are under qualified, there is a lack of incentive and instructional materials, and many of the public schools are located in extremely poor areas. Private primary schools are very few, and they are English medium and usually expensive. 

While public schools can have more than 100 students in one classroom, private schools have the advantages of smaller class size and often better resources.
Build a Pre- & Primary School that provides free quality english education.

Create a healthy environment, with meals and limited numbers of students in each class.

Create jobs (teachers, cook, janitor and headmaster).

Teach and convey the love of God, through words and action.
education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world
- Nelson Mandela
Here's What You Support (Gift)
  • New Kitchen: 
  • A new kitchen is necessary for keeping a healthy environment and to be able to create a quality meal for the children. This is also a requirement from the government.

  • Buying More Land: 
  • Our school consists of 4 classrooms today and next year we will be in need of 8 classrooms, and to build that we need to buy more land.

  • 5 New Classrooms: 
  • This year we have to use one parts of our office building as classroom due to lack of space and classroom. There are many children that needs education, so we need to expand.

  •  Windows and Doors:
  • In Tanzania the rain period can be pretty harsh so it is crucial for the school to have Windows with glass and Doors to keep warm and to keep rain from destroying the classrooms. Last year we struggled several times with this and had to cancel class due to rain a few times.

Here's What You Support (Partner)
  • Salaries: 
  • To be able give quality education a good staff is needed. The employees earn approx. 78 USD (650kr) monthly. With 8 classrooms we need at least 8 teachers, and if possible, 2 teachers for the youngest classes. We also have a headmaster and a cook/cleaner.

  • Food: 
  • The students get one meal per day and we provide water to drink. And to be able to give a quality meal for 30-40 children we need a minimum of 100 USD (850kr) monthly. Luckily we sometimes get some ingredients from parents who are farmers or similar. We have also started to grow banana trees which will help us provide food.

  • School Equipment: 
  • School eq To be able to provide the students with quality education, quality school equipment is crucial. This is not sponsored by the government and are usually very expensive for the student's familiy to get on their own. Our budget for school equipment is 100 USD(850kr) monthly.

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